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LightStreams for Sierra Leone Pastors!

In February (2024), Momentum in Missions (MiM) was able to deliver some evangelism tools to pastors and missionaries in Sierra Leone, West Africa. MiM Founder, Rosemary Fisher, was serving with a medical outreach, hosted by Mission Partners for Christ. During the 4-day medical outreach, a total of 1,781 people were evaluated and treated by the medical team, and over 500 people made decisions to accept Christ as their Savior! An integral part of the medical outreach, is the partnership with local pastors and missionaries. After the local village people are treated by the medical team, the people are then given an opportunity to meet 1:1 with a pastor to hear the Gospel, and to receive prayer. Patients can also receive prayer from the medical providers at the time they are being evaluated. Occasionally, people come with significant health care concerns, requiring more medical intervention than the medical team can offer out in the bush outreach locations. In these situations, people are often more open to hearing about the healing power one can receive from Jesus, and are receptive to hearing the truth of the saving grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

After the medical outreach is finished and the medical team leaves, the work of the pastors and missionaries can be great. Often, many doors are opened to the pastors and missionaries living near these villages that hosted the outreaches. People in these villages are grateful for the medical team that came in, and are more receptive to following up with the pastors. Often after the medical outreaches, many churches are planted due to the open doors and acceptance of the people, and there is an excitement over the Gospel!

It is vital to equip these pastors and missionaries with tools that will be effective in their ministry. A few tools that are helpful are the mobile Jesus Film backpacks and solar audio Bibles. Often the literacy rate in the villages where the medical teams serve, is very low. So an alternative to the written Bible, is the solar audio Bible. Another alternative is the LightStream WiFi hotspot device. The LightStream is a portable media distribution device about the size of a cell phone, that can get digital discipleship materials onto people's phones that don't have internet access. It copies microSD cards and creates a WiFi hotspot that phones can connect to and stream and download God's Word. Fisher ordered the LightStream devices through Renew World Outreach, Inc., and had them programed with: The Jesus Film and The Jesus Film for children, and the audio Bible. These were programed in 4 languages used in the areas where the pastors are working: English, Krio, Mendi, French, plus Arabic. The pastors were so grateful to receive these ministry tools, and training was provided for them.

There are medical outreaches to Africa several times per year that these types of tools can be carried along and given to the pastors in person. Remaining this year, are opportunities to provide these types of evangelism tools in Zimbabwe this summer, and also Northwest Africa in the fall. Donations are being collected now to purchase these. If you have a desire to assist with this cost, please click on the DONATE NOW button, and specify your desire for EVANGELISM EQUIPMENT, and we will be able to bless pastors with these tools. Specifically for Zimbabwe, Momentum in Missions would like to purchase solar audio Bibles, and 2 Jesus Film backpacks. The cost of the backpacks are approximately $2500 each, and provides the equipment to show Gospel movies to large crowds in areas that don't have electricity. The backpack system has everything the pastors need to show the movie presentation in remote areas, including a projector, speakers, lithium battery and optional solar panel and PA system. Would you pray about helping us with these costs?


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