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Momentum in Missions is an organization qualified as a public charity under the

Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3).

Momentum in Missions was created in 2023 to help advance the Gospel by supporting pastors and missionaries


We achieve this by:

*purchasing motorbikes for pastors in developing nations who need mobility to do their outreach and evangelism;

 *providing financial assistance for church planting and evangelism in developing nations;

*equipping pastors and missionaries with Bibles and evangelism tools;

*provide micro loans for income generating projects for pastors in developing nations;

*provide education scholarships for pastors in Seminary or Bible college;  

*and for financial assistance with projects deemed necessary for reaching people for Christ (such as clean water wells or latrines).

About Momentum In Missions

Meet our Board Members

Get to Know the Faces behind Momentum in Missions

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MiM Founder and President


MiM Vice President

and Treasurer


MiM Secretary

MiM board member.

MiM Board Member

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