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Gospel Spread in Ethiopia

In early January 2024, in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, our missionary partners held an outreach to 250 homeless people by showing The JESUS Film. 80 people received Christ as their personal savior and Lord. The following day, another outreach was held for 250 incarcerated men and women, by also showing The JESUS Film. Here, 11 women and 4 men received Jesus Christ as their personal savior and Lord. The missionaries here have also been doing 1:1 evangelism and outreach to 150 people, and 5 have accepted Christ. These regions are largely unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and severe persecution can occur for those making professions for Christ. Would you choose a certain day of the week or month, and commit to praying regularly for the spread of the Gospel throughout Ethiopia? Pray that God gives favor, access to villages, and acceptance of the missionaries who carry the Gospel to these far reached places. Also pray for the protection of new believers, and transformative grace as they begin new lives in Christ.

In 2019, I served in Ethiopia, with Mission Partners for Christ. We provided free medical care to a couple thousand people in rural bush areas who were underserved with medical care and also unreached with the Gospel. It was on this trip that we met and served with these brave missionaries, who now, years later, are still working tirelessly to bring others to Christ. It is an honor and privilege to know them, and support them! If you would like to help support the spread of the Gospel in Ethiopia, click on the DONATE button above. As always, 100% of all gifts to Momentum in Missions goes towards supporting pastors and missionaries, and mission work. Financial gifts can also be designated towards purchasing mobile projector JESUS Film backpacks for the pastors. These backpacks carry everything needed to set up an outreach for showing The JESUS Film to hundreds of people (see our PROJECTS page for more information on this).

Picture shown is circa 2019 Ethiopian bush home.


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